Hipstamatic App Lesson #1

Hipstamatic Lesson—Navigating The Hipstamatic App—


Part 1–Learning the Front Screen
I am an avid user of the Iphone 4S. Actually, I use it as my point and shoot camera now and am often surprised that it takes as good, if not better, images as my SLR camera.

My favorite app right now is Hipstamatic. You can buy the base camera and lenses from the App store for $1.99. More lenses and film are available for $.99 each. The original Hipstamatic was a plastic camera that cost less than $10.00. The same people who designed that camera have created this IPhone App as well.

If you want more information go to http://hipstamatic.com.

The beauty of this app is the ability to change the lens and film with every shot. I currently have 24 lenses and 20 different films. For the maybe $30.00 I’ve spent, it’s been more than worth it.

What I love about the Hipstamatic App is the ability to mix and match lenses with films and flashes. I must admit I’m a bit addicted, but it’s because I have so much fun shooting. There is much more to the Hipstamatic App then meets the eye. I will break it down for you in this lesson.

In this first lesson, I will discuss navigating the front of the Hipstamatic.
(if you do not see the lens on your phone, tap the far right “return arrow” and you will get to this screen).

On the front screen you see a lens.


If you want to change the lens, and or see what lenses you have, slide your finger on the screen horizontally. If you have purchased a lens it will appear, otherwise you will see the name of a PAK with a “BUY” ticket. Each PAK has a name for the lens, films and flashes.

Tap on the lens to get information and a sample of what a photo will look like if you use it.


Tip: not all lenses offer examples.

Quality Control
On the left side of the lens is an arm with two dots above or below it,this arm is the “quality” control.


You can set the arm to high (the top dot), medium (the middle dot) or standard (the bottom dot) quality by sliding the arm up or down. I always keep mine on high quality.

Tip: If you are going to print your images I recommend you place the arm on the high quality dot.

The 5 icons on the bottom of the screen are for choosing : Films, Flashes, Camera Cases, Shopping Cart and the Return Arrow.


The first icon is for choosing what Film you want to use.

Tap the film icon and then slide your finger vertically up and down to see what films are available to you. When you find a film you want to use tap DONE and you will go back to the front screen.

The Flash icon allows you to choose a flash. Tap on the icon to see what flashes are available.

Slide your finger horizontally to peruse what’s available.
When you find one you want tap DONE. You will be returned to the front screen.

The Camera Case icon allows you to change the face of the camera.

The standard case is Black but you have the opportunity to purchase other cases in the Shopping cart (next icon). When or if you have more than one case you can slide your finger horizontally to see what you have.

Again, when you have decided which one you want, tap DONE to return.

Tapping on the Shopping Cart icon will show a new navigation bar: Featured, Categories, Print Lab, Analog and Download, as well as “My Account” in the upper right corner and “Done” in the upper left.

The first icon on this nav bar is Featured. Tap on it to see all the PAKS and equipment available for purchase.

If you have already bought a PAK (and possibly forgot) you will see a MINE ticket across the PAK, otherwise you will see BUY on the ticket.

Tap on the PAK to see what is included. Each PAK offers different options.
Some have one film choice, some have two films, etc.

Once you are here, tap the arrow to the
right of the lens, flash or film to get information and examples.

To view the examples scroll vertically from the written words to get to the image(s), then scroll horizontally through the examples .

Tip: at the bottom of the first photo example you will see tiny dots, this indicates how many pages (examples) there are.

To continue viewing the other PAKS, tap the upper left corner, Pak Info, then Featured, to return to Featured Camera Gear. Slide horizontally to continue viewing.

The next icon is Categories, which separates the Lenses, Flashes, Films and Cases available in the PAKs.

Tap the arrow to the right of any lens, flash, film or case to get more information.

To view examples scroll horizontally.

Don’t miss View in Hipstamatic Field Guide, which you will find by scrolling down vertically.

Tap to find out about the Lens Characteristics, Suggested Combinations and Uses, some Trivia and Gallery Examples.

The Print Lab icon is where you can order prints of your fabulous photos.

Good news, this is not your only option for ordering prints. The exclusive print lab for Hipstamatic is Color Services, right in my backyard of Santa Barbara. Visit their website: ColorServices.com
for other printing options.
Try printing on their metallic paper or for some real fun try their fabric cling-ons, one of my new favorites.

The Analog icon takes you to where you can purchase “analog” supplies, i.e., hipsta apparel and an exterior case for your phone.

Last we have the Download icon.

This is where you will find what you have purchased if it hasn’t been downloaded. More importantly, this is where you can restore purchases, if you have had to reset your phone. Tap on “restore purchases” then tap “restore”. Magic.

That’s all for this lesson. The next lesson will discuss the back of the camera and taking photos.
Happy shooting!

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