with Nancy Barasch, The Digital Diva

Overwhelmed with your smart phone, tablet and/or computer? Has it happened that your phone tells you, you can’t take any more photos because there is no space left? Or, your phone won’t let you install the latest update because you don’t have enough room?

Do you know where the photos go when you back them up from your phone? Can you easily find a photo when you want it? If you answered YES to the first 2 questions and NO to the second 2, then you need me to help you navigate through it all.

As an early adopter of the digital world, a trained teacher and over 50, I help translate and guide you through your digital devices. Among the many things I can help with is how to organize the photos on your phone, tablet and computer. I will show you some editing tools so you can easily access your photos.

I can help make your digital devices your friend not the enemy. I work with both MAC and PC.